Monday, May 31, 2010

Spot the Elephant.

Did you know that there are 258 painted elephants in locations across central London? Oh yes, elephants are placed everywhere but mostly in the royal parks. It is quite strange driving into London and seeing a painted small Asian Elephant on the pavement along Knightsbridge. Quite often on my rest break in London I wander off for a walk in one of the many parks and encounter these lovely model elephants. It is quite a surprise when you first see one because your first impression is that it is an art installation that has sadly been vandalised. All these elephants have been painted differently and at a glance you will wonder if these marking are graffiti. Elephant Parade London 2010 is a conservation campaign that shines a multi-coloured spotlight on the urgent crisis faced by the endangered Asian elephant. Each decorated by a different artist or celebrity, the elephants brighten and beautify the city, enhancing every park, street corner and building they grace. Running from May to July 2010, this is London’s biggest outdoor art event on record.

I like this campaign to save the Asian Elephants and visitors to London will see that the rumour is true, you see all colours in London.
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