Friday, May 14, 2010

Sulky Old Men.

Last night on BBC Four I watched Behind the Scenes at the Museum about The British Commercial Vehicle Museum in Lancashire. This documentary was made by Richard Macer as he spent six months filming amidst the gleaming lorries and double decker buses. Did I learn much about the lorries and buses at this museum? No.

Did I enjoy watching this documentary? Yes, it was brilliant! Okay, The British Commercial Vehicle Museum was the location of this documentary but the stars were not the preserved vehicles but the volunteers. This programme had me in stitches of laughter due to the dialogue exchanged between the volunteers and the new manager of the museum. The volunteers wanted to run the museum their way, it was their hobby. The new manager wanted to save the museum from failure, due to falling visitor revenue, by making changes. The volunteers and the new manager were in dispute about how their museum should be run. This museum is an all-male environment and what this programme showed was how men can react to each other when things are not going their way. When women argue among themselves they can be catty, quite bitchy and loud. When these old men at the museum disagreed among themselves they sulked. Yes, they sulked big time! They told Richard Macer to stop filming them and declared their conversations to be private. This was followed by even more sulking and moaning from these old men. Things got so bad that even the sulking was not enough and one member withdrew his preserved Foden double decker bus from the museum in his good-bye protest. Then the other men continued sulking and claimed the museum would never be the same again because the departed volunteer had taken his knowledge and wisdom with him.

This programme was a scream! It showed just how sulky old men can be, they were harmless old men enjoying their hobby but they just sulked, big time. I found this programme really funny and I think that any lesbians watching would have laughed their socks off too! Of course, men do not need a museum to be sulky, any workplace will do. It was good to watch these tantrums from a distance on television, knowing that we all do it at our own workplace. Women can bitch but men walk off in a sulk.

Behind the Scenes at the Museum is repeated on Tuesday 18th May at 19:30 on BBC Four and is also available on BBC iPlayer.
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