Sunday, May 02, 2010

Who is to blame for the loss of British jobs to Eastern European migrants?

Oh it does annoy me this electioneering by all the major parties. They have been arguing among themselves about the numbers of migrant workers entering the UK . The big three Westminster parties have tended to brush to one side the point that lots of our inward migration comes from the EU and none of their policies would do anything about that. Only UKIP and the BNP would withdraw from the European Union, a prerequisite for restricting Poles, Latvians and Lithuanians from coming to work in Britain. 46,000 more EU-workers came than left.

Now, these jobs that these Eastern Europeans have taken away from British workers were not given to them by our democratically elected government. Oh no, it is not our government who have given these jobs away, it is the employers. The employers and their back-stabbing Human Resources teams have given these jobs away. Who gets the blame for giving the jobs away? The Labour Party, which is wrong. It is the employers who have decided to recruit these EU workers because they want to depress the labour market and increase their profits. So, when you are annoyed by the number of jobs lost to Eastern European migrants from Poland, Latvia and Lithuania, think about the companies who simply love to employ them. It is those companies you should be angry with and not your local MP.
I agree that these companies of ours like to award jobs to migrant labour but don't agree with your reasoning. Unfortunately, the work ethic amongst immigrants here legally is far stronger and more moralistic than many British nationals seeking employment.

The Labour Government cannot escape criticism here for increasing the number of benefits and tax breaks over the past 13 years that it is now a disincentive for many people to seek work. Add to this the willingness and eagerness of migrants to work in order to send money home for a better life for their families and you have the state we are now in here in the UK.

So, yes, HR departments often actively seek foreign labour though this is the result of our own, prefering to watch Jeremy Kyle instead. And Labour is partly to blame here.
Cant help but agree with Mr anonymous here steve.
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