Monday, June 21, 2010

A glance at the past.

First day back at work today from my holiday. I could not physically come back from Bradford so they needed to find me a day's work. There is a duty that only runs each Monday and Friday from Swansea to Minehead Butlins and back. This journey is generally done by the depot supervisor as it is not on the drivers' roster. To give me a day's work, I was the driver today.

No problem, I do Swansea, Cardiff and Newport all the time. Now Bristol, well... I lived there for 20 years and Minehead I have been to many, many a time. What a difference driving through Bristol and my old stomping grounds. Things have changed over the years, not just in Bristol but also around Bridgewater.

It was difficult to remember that I used to live in Bristol all those years. It was like reading a book and that those times belonged to a fictional character rather than me. Driving past all those pubs that John and I have enjoyed a pint in and now there is a "beer boat" docked along Hotwells Road.

Ah! all those memories came flooding back. I could not drive up the A369 Portishead road past Pill because of the weight restriction. I have many memories left behind in Pill and the Bristol area. Somewhere there is even a copy of my genes and yesterday was fathers' day.
Hi Steve

Hope you had a good time on your holiday.

As well as a beer boat by Hotwells Road there is also a cider barge docked in Welsh Back. Do you remember the "Crown" in St Nicholas Market, I went there a few months ago, its still full of "interesting" characters. Also sells a real ale called "Liquid Metal" for £1.90

With reference to your previous post I thought that the England flags were to celebrate a record 5 TT wins by the Englishman Ian Hutchinson during the recent Isle of Man races.

I believe that there is another sporting event going on where girls in short skirts hit balls across a net, not sure what its about but sounds more interesting then kicking a ball around during a trumpet concert.

Is that Athena poster still on your bedroom wall?
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