Monday, June 28, 2010

I think it's all over.

Well England are now out of the global trumpet competition after losing to Germany 4 verses to 1. What a joy audiences worldwide have had listening to spectators blowing their vuvuzela at grown men running around in short trousers kicking a football from one side of a field to another. I have not watched any of this competition as I am not interested in trumpets or football. But the vuvuzela and the competition merchandising of regular foods and drinks has made me laugh. All the big companies have been behind this global trumpet competition to ensure that they maintain their fiercely fought market shares. I am not alone in finding this competition and merchandising amusing. Over on Grumpy Dragon the very witty Dracunculus writes on the 16th June about how he feels about the South African wank-trumpet. It is not just ordinary people who can object to the vuvuzela, some dogs are not too keen either as the video below demonstrates...

One bonus of the World Cup for non football fans is that whilst a large majority of the population is glued to the TV it means that the great outdoors is largly empty for others to enjoy.

Last Sunday afternoon I was able to take my canoe to the local river and have easy access to the water without the normal competion from fishermen, swimmers and other boat users (although there were other like minded people taking advantage of the opportunity). I found myself hoping England would win and stay in the contest although more knowledgable people tell me that was some hope.

When the next big match is on Steve take your dog for a long walk in the country you might be plesently pleased to find it all yours.

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