Saturday, June 05, 2010

The smell of it.

During my rest break in London yesterday I went for a walk. Rather than walk along main roads, I can confidently walk down side streets, cut off corners and go just where I please. I was walking along in my usual day-dream and then it hit me, it hit me hard, real hard, up the nose. What the...? I thought, where the devil am I? It was the smell, this smell - it was just gorgeous, it reminded me of being abroad on holiday. It was the smell of food, not any food but Arab food. WOW! what a lovely surprise, I could picture myself on holiday walking along and enjoying the local sounds and smells.

The smell of this food was lovely and it caused an instant response in me. All I could think of was being away on holiday, enjoying the freedom of strolling around and enjoying the food. The smell of Arab food really turns me on, it is like switching on a light bulb with me. I looked up and read the sign above the restaurant, Ishbilia - Lebanese Cuisine , I walked to the end of the block and the sign read William Street.

Ah, it will not be long now before Stephen can once again stroll down foreign streets enjoying the local sounds and smells. We are going off to Hammamet in Tunisia for our holiday tomorrow so this blog will be quiet for 2 weeks.
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