Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Trapped by David McKeowen

Martin Hughes is a successful lawyer. Viktor is an illegal immigrant who meets Martin by accident and begs him to help him find his girlfriend Mila who has suddenly disappeared.

This is David's second novel and it's 551 pages were written in 2007. The real name of David McKeowen is Michael Wills who was the Labour MP for Swindon North from 1997 to 2010. McKeowen is his wife's maiden name.

Trapped is a book of many plots but all of them are thin. These minor plots involve a lawyer, a journalist, a detective, an illegal immigrant, a gangster and deals with issues of prostitution, fraud, missing persons, murder and smuggling. Trapped as a story has little focus because it is spread to thinly. The title "Trapped" is given to describe the characters because they are all trapped by their circumstances, just like the reader. This is a crime thriller although it is not very thrilling even though there are 6 deaths. David tries hard, you can see the structure and the relevance of the details yet it does not entertain. This book is very easy to put down and walk away from. The story is very bitty with a scattering of characters that only have minor links between them. The plot is poor and unrealistic - all these things would not come together like they did, in real life. The depiction of migrant workers, gangsters and their criminal activity was fair. The background on Bosnia was good. The roles of Martin Hughes the lawyer and Clive Walton the detective were shallow. The ending of this novel was daft and second rate.

Trapped was nothing special and I will not buy another of David's books. This book is poor and I vote it a MISS, giving it just 2 stars on Book Army .
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