Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Facebook, the early warning website.

Everyone is on Facebook now, even Raoul Moat who is the gunman Police are trying to capture. Look at the "> BBC News website story and you will read...

Before the attacks began Moat's Facebook status was changed to read: "Just got out of jail, I've lost everything, my business, my property and to top it all off my lass has gone off with someone else.

"Watch and see what happens."

Northumbria Police said Durham Prison had told them of Moat's comments a day after his release on Thursday. The case has been referred to the IPCC. Professor David Wilson, a former prison governor, told the BBC: "If there was intelligence which suggested that Moat was threatening his ex-partner and other members of the public, that matter should have been taken very seriously by Northumbria Police."

...Well, there you go! Raoul Moat put his warning online and the Police should have taken notice. This warning was ignored and now look what has happened. Of course, the Police have those lovely Speed Camera vans that claim to save lives and make revenue. One gunman does not raise revenue but can kill people very efficiently and the Police have not caught him yet. Drivers are very easy to catch as they creep over a posted speed limit.
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