Friday, July 02, 2010

Hide & Seek by Ian Rankin .

A junkie is found dead in an Edinburgh squat, murder or suicide? Follow Detective Inspector John Rebus to solve this mystery.

This is the 2nd novel in the John Rebus series, it has 261 pages and was written in 1993 and republished as part of an omnibus in 2009. This is a short story and is like a teaser or a pilot for a TV series. It is a regular police story about police officers in an era before mobile phones, when communications were never instant. The plot was steady and plodding with no real surprises or twists. There is no WOW! factor in this story which is typical of any police television drama. It lacks the class of other crime thrillers from authors like Harlan Coben. I thought the friendship forged between John Rebus and Tracy was unrealistic and unbelieveable. The dialogue between the police officers was good and had lots of subtle humour which I liked. The ending is reasonable but dull. I think Hide & Seek is a forgetable novel and I rate it as 2 stars on Book Army , which stands for "Poor".
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