Saturday, July 31, 2010

My Family

Another new series of My Family has started on BBC1 television. I used to be a fan of My Family and I thought the scripts were very witty. Oh! dear, things have changed, big time. This new series of My Family is rubbish and it no longer entertains me. I thought this programme has now passed it's time. I found the humour shallow and very dated. My Family now appears very tired and should be put to sleep. I found watching this new series a chore and like every television viewer, you have to draw a line somewhere. It no longer passes my quality threshold and for me, it has simply passed it's day. So, bye bye My Family - as a television programme you have bored me for 30 minutes and my patience has been exhausted. My Family has bored me so much that I will not be watching another episode of this past-it situation comedy.
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