Monday, July 12, 2010

Spain win the Global Trumpet Competition .

Went over to friends last night to watch the final of the Global Trumpet Competition. I am neither a football or a trumpet fan but I thought I would join in the fun at the final. The trumpet players from the Netherlands and Spain gave it their all. The stadium in South Africa throbbed to the sound of the vuvuzelas as men in short trousers ran around a field kicking a football from one side to the other.

This was not your standard 90 minute football match, it went into another 30 minutes of extra time. A full 120 minutes of world class football. The play was very aggressive and I thought the actions of the Netherlands team were dirty. The Netherlands did not appear to play fair and were charging into the Spanish players. At one point Nigel de Jong could count himself extremely fortunate for not being sent off on 27 minutes for planting his boot into the chest of Xabi Alonso.

I thought the referee Howard Webb did a very good job, he was fair and very alert. Howard had an awful lot of running around to do, this was not a walk in the park for him as he was running backwards and forwards most of the time.

Spain were by far the better team and played better football with 57 per cent of the possession. Spain appeared to be true sportsmen and played a gentlemanly game unlike the Netherlands who stormed about like thugs out for a fight. Spain deserved to win because of their conduct on the pitch and the professionalism of their game. As penalties loomed, Andres Iniesta at last intervened to save Spain from the indignity of penalties. Well done Spain, you won the Global Trumpet Competition by playing well and are a credit to your country. The match finished after 2 periods of extra time, Spain 1 - Netherlands 0.

This final match gave me the opportunity to have a different social night with friends as we watched the match on David's large screen television. Oh! and my personal score... 6 pints and 2 beef burgers!
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