Friday, July 23, 2010

Women riding bikes.

I loved the article today in the Independent newspaper by Harriet Walker: Hassled just because I ride a bike. Her article really made me smile and being a man I can answer her doubts. Here are some snips to illustrate the tone of her article...

But the amount of scrutiny, obscenity and casual lechery I have encountered on my bike in the past month has far surpassed the catcalls I suffered as a pedestrian... There is, I have since discovered, a near-fetishistic obsession with girls on bikes, with whole blogs and websites dedicated to cataloguing the very finest examples... I'd understand the brouhaha if I was rolling through town on a carnival float in a grass skirt and carefully placed pasties. But more often than not, I'm wearing an old T-shirt covered in sweat...There is, however, something women can do about all this. The blog allows victims to get their own back on men who hassle by snapping them on a smartphone and uploading a description of the has also just launched, which is good news for those of us who cycle in the capital.

...Well, I understand why women riding bikes does attract attention from men and so should Harriet. She wrote the answer herself "But more often than not, I'm wearing an old T-shirt covered in sweat". That's it lass, men like to see women "working it" rather than some sedentary glamour girls posing. Men like to watch women pumping up a sweat rather than sitting on a sofa in front of a television eating chocolate.

Okay guys, a quick search on the internet gives you this blog and this website for you to enjoy!
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