Saturday, August 21, 2010

2012 The Crystal Skull by Manda Scott .

2012 The Crystal Skull starts off...

That which you seek lies hidden in white water. Stone will be rendered unto stone, made safe in a place of hallowed beauty against the Enemy that seeks its destruction. Search north and then east, fifteen and twenty, behind the hanging thorns within the curve of the bow, in sound of the falling river.

Enter with courage. Go forward as far as the dark allows. Step through night's arch and come to the cathedral of the earth. Face the rising of the sun, and its setting, pierce the curtain to the well of living water and discover at last the pearl there entombed.

Find me and live, for I am your hope at the end of time. Hold me as you would hold your child. Listen to me as you would listen to your lover. Trust me as you would trust your god, whosoever that may be.

Follow the path that is herein shewn and be with me at the time and place appointed. Do then as the guardians of night fortell. Thereafter, follow your heart and mine, for these are one and the same. Do not fail me, for in doing so, you fail yourself, and all the worlds of waiting.

...The above is from the ledgers of Cedric Owen, a physician who wrote a special code. These lines let the person decoding the ledgers to search and find a blue crystal heart-stone, shaped like a skull. This is all to do with a Maya legend that the earth will end on the 21st December 2012. The story develops about a time when 13 skulls around the world must be positioned in special places for our planet to be saved from destruction. Cedric Owen needed to keep his blue crystal heart-stone skull safe from the wrong people yet leave a coded message so that the right person could find the skull, keep it safe and do the right thing. Trouble is that this novel swaps between 2 time zones, from periods between 1556 and 1589 to 2007. This swapping between time zones really annoyed me. Manda used these 2 time zones to make each period appear to be a voyage of discovery for the reader. Put the 2 learning experiences together and you should begin to understand and enjoy the Maya legend. Only I did not enjoy this style of story telling and when I got as far as the end of chapter 22 on page 358, I suspended reading 2012 The Crystal Skull and returned to reading another book! This novel is not a thriller. I think 2012 The Crystal Skull is worth only the minimum 1 star on Book Army because it is rubbish. This book has poor entertainment value, it is make-believe for children. This story is bullshit! This novel is one to AVOID.

Stories of alchemy and the occult can work, I enjoyed reading Equinox by Michael White which is in a different class all together. The Crystal Skull was published in 2008 and was re-issued as 2012 The Crystal Skull in 2009. This book has 527 pages plus a further 7 pages of Author's Note. The warmest and most interesting part of this book was the Author's Note at the end. On page 535 Manda writes...

In the end, whether the ancients were right or not is a moot point, and if we're all still here and untouched on Hogmanay 2012 then we can perhaps laugh off the predictions much as we did the hysteria of the Y2K bug and all that led up to it -

...If, for any sad reason you wish to read more about the Maya legends then point your browser to 2012: Dire Gnosis and get your fix!
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