Thursday, August 12, 2010

The dark side of suspicion that feeds on ignorance.

Nice to read that a radio advertisement by the Association of Chief Police Officers has been banned by the Advertising Standards Authority. The advert included this alarming dialogue...

"The man at the end of the street doesn't talk to his neighbours much, because he likes to keep himself to himself. He pays with cash because he doesn't have a bank card, and he keeps his curtains closed because his house is on a bus route. This may mean nothing, but together it could all add up to you having suspicions."

...Gosh, how to frighten the public with this nonsense. It is all to easy to jump to false conclusions and some members of the public can be rather ignorant of strangers. What ever happened to live and let live? We are supposed to be a nation of tolerance and not frightened into thinking everyone is a potential terrorist. I deplore this fearmongering by the police, some people just want to live quiet and private lives. People have no right to know everybody else's business and should leave others quietly to get on with their own lives. What next, will the police demand that everybody out in public must wear a name badge on their left breast as demanded of drivers working for a nationwide company? Hey guys, what's in my rucksack?
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