Sunday, August 15, 2010

Licence checks.

Check this, check that, here we go again. I have to present my driving licence again to my employer. "Oh," said our transport manager, "please bring your driving licence in for us to check it."

"What for?" I reply, "You looked at it a short while ago!"

"That was 6 months ago, we do 6 monthly checks now!"

For goodness sake, is nobody trusted any more? There are these constant demands everywhere in our society today that you must prove your innocence in your daily life. Gone are the days of innocent until proven guilty, now you have to prove that you are innocent just to continue for daily life. We are under a contractual agrement to notify any change in our driving licence to our employer, yet they do not trust the drivers and demand that they check them every 6 months. I wonder what petty check they will force on us next? Oh yes, it will be the fitment of Alcolocks on the coaches, so that they will not start until the driver supplies a breath sample into the device. So much for innocent until proven guilty, we will have to proove twice a day that we are sober!
Has your employer carried out a CRB check on you? While it's not a requirement for the Nation-wide company, some employers also schedule their employees to undertake school runs or college buses when not performing these scheduled services.

For fear of every bus driver being a paedophile, all local authorities (certainly within England) will not permit any school bus to be driven by a driver who's not been checked by the Criminal Records Bureau.

That's okay, fair enough I suppose (even though a satisfactory CRB check only means that 'if he is a paedo, he's not been caught yet). But my former employer was ordered by the County Council that ALL its employees had to be CRB-checked just to drive PCVs through its area.

We had to supply the photos at our own cost too. Only one 'city' rota at that depot undertakes closed school contracts - 6 drivers involved. Then Big Brother decided we all needed to be on file, despite no one on my Nation-wide rota ever needing to work these services. None of us knew where they went in any case.
Yes, we had the CRB checks years ago when we did a school run before going to London. It was daft because this school run had an escort and you only did it in the afternoon 5 times in 27 weeks. Paedophiles like to groom children by gaining their trust over time. This school run was so infrequent for the drivers and we had no contact with the children because it was only the escort who spoke to them. I did not speak a word and it was like the old days of crew operated bus services when you had a conductor.

I am surprised the nationwide company has not followed suit with CRB checks, because of the public's fear and unaccompanied children travelling. Maybe they realize that the journeys are not suitable for drivers to groom their victims!
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