Wednesday, August 04, 2010

The mother of all neighbour disputes .

Time and time again neighbours all around the world fall out over something, quite often it is gardening and plants. These disputes can get quite nasty and occasionally one neighbour can turn violent. Sometimes harsh words may be spoken and the dispute may even turn to blows.

Now look at the tree in the picture above. The dispute over this tree has claimed five lives. Three Lebanese soldiers, an Israeli lieutenant-colonel and a Lebanese journalist outside an otherwise nondescript village called Addaiseh in Lebanon. The tree was a miserable, scrawny thing, probably a spruce and – after a 46-degree heatwave in Lebanon – its foliage blocked the Israeli security cameras on the Israeli-Lebanese border near Addaiseh. The Israelis decided to use a crane to rip it out. So when the Lebanese army saw the Israelis manoeuvre a crane up to the fence yesterday morning, they began to shout at the Israelis to move back. The moment the crane's arm crossed the "technical fence", Lebanese soldiers opened fire into the air. The Israelis, according to the Lebanese, did not shoot in the air. They shot at the Lebanese soldiers. At about this time, Al-Akhbar newspaper's local correspondent Assaf Abu Rahal turned up in Addaiseh to cover the story. And a little time later, an Israeli helicopter –apparently firing from the Israeli side of the border (though that has yet to be confirmed) – fired a rocket at a Lebanese armoured vehicle, killing three soldiers and the journalist. Lebanese troops, on orders from Beirut, fired back and killed an Israeli lieutenant-colonel.

...So there you have it, with quality reporting from Robert Fisk. Typical of Israel to bully it's neighbours in the Middle East. This demonstrates what is wrong with Israel and it's leaders. What is wrong with normal diplomatic channels? Israel has happily murdered four people all because of a tree on Lebanese soil that may have spoilt the view in their camera. This is murder and madness, all on the same day and Israel should hang it's head in shame and apologize to the rest of the world for the crimes they have committed.
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