Monday, August 16, 2010

Oh lucky you .

Over on Ad Nauseum Quincy Phd has a post about the latest television advertisement for the Halifax Building Society. These advertisements in the current campaign by the Halifax, all taking place in a fictitious radio station, make me cringe. They are daft and do not advertise the financial products on offer from the Halifax but are to highlight just how cool, human and approachable their staff can behave. However, companies should advertise themselves as professionals in their field, not as amateurs having a laugh. These advertisements do not inspire customer confidence and I agree with Quincy's criticism of these television advertisements by the Halifax. These advertisements are worse than the constant bottom slapping from Asda and the patronizing fishmonger at Morrison's.

The Halifax has made a bad television advertisement that does nothing for their brand. Quincy has written an excellent blog post that is a joy to read and far more entertaining than the Halifax totty!
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