Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Robbed, then lined up and shot .

The shock of it all astounds me when I first read about it on Saturday night. The shock was still there with me on Sunday when I read some more about it. I could not blog about it on Sunday, yet I read some more about it in yesterdays' newspaper. I am talking about the murder of 10 innocent aid workers by the Taliban in Afghanistan.

The medics were heading back to Kabul when they were intercepted by gunmen. According to the sole survivor, an Afghan, the group was robbed, then lined up and shot. The killings were roundly condemned. US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton described them as a "despicable act of wanton violence" and described the aid workers' work as heroic. "The Taliban stopped them on a remote road on their journey from Nuristan, led them into a forest, robbed them, and killed them," she said.

Dr Karen Woo wrote a blog called DR KAREN EXPLORES HEALTHCARE IN AFGHANISTAN , a blog I have stumbled across in the past. Reading what Karen has posted makes this tragedy seem much closer to the reader. What the Taliban has done is despicable and can not be excused. Okay, Afghanistan was invaded by the West, which was wrong but these aid workers are very brave in coming to help the people of Afghanistan. These aid workers are not combatants and are no threat to the people of Afghanistan. These medics have turned down good paying jobs to provide healthcare to the needy, not the rich. Yes, some of the aid workers may be Christians but surely the Taliban should be able to turn a blind eye to this and accept the good work these aid workers are providing to the population of Afghanistan. These aid workers came to Afghanistan to give medical care to the needy, not to spread Christianity to an invaded country. The Taliban have committed the murder of 10 innocent people and have scored an own goal that the whole world now knows about.

My thoughts are with the families and friends of Dr Karen Woo, the six Americans, a German and two Afghans caught up in this slaughter.
My thoughts exactly

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