Monday, August 02, 2010

Saving Faith by David Baldacci .

Saving Faith is a tale of goings on between the CIA, the FBI and political lobbyists. There are lots of threats, lies and dodgy deals. People get hurt and their best made plans have to suddenly change. Like most of David's books there is an awful lot of detail but this does not lead the reader to have empathy for any of the characters. I found this book a yawn and the twists did not inspire me. The plot was like a made-for-TV movie. This story just plods along to a poor but unlikely ending. I took nothing away from this novel. Saving Faith, no thanks, I wished that Leonid Serov had not missed with his rifle near the start of this book.

I will vote this book 1 star on Book Army because it is so bad. Saving Faith is the worse of the 4 David Baldacci novels that I have read. This book has 449 pages and was written in 1999, although it was not until 2003 that it was published in paperback. I purchased the omnibus edition that was published in 2009. I found this book so frustrating as my daily read, that when I got to the end of Chapter 32 on page 268, I abandoned reading Saving Grace and picked up another novel by a different author. I have never before abandoned a book before the end and started reading another book. Ten days later I returned to Saving Faith and continued reading to the end of this poor novel. I was then sure why there had been a gap of 4 years between the publication of the hardback edition of Saving Faith and it being released in paperback. Saving Faith is the David Baldacci novel to AVOID.
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