Thursday, August 26, 2010

Walking with devices .

Nice piece in the Guardian by Anne Karpf about people walking along the pavement oblivious to others because they are using a phone or other personal device. I have noticed this a lot this summer, with high numbers of pedestrians reading and writing texts on mobile telephones. Sometimes to see somebody walking towards you with both hands hanging down below their hips looks rather odd, even naked. What is so important that people have to read and text as they walk, or am I missing something? Have we become a nation of Tweeters ?
I can walk and I can send a text but being male I find that I can only do one at a time. I even have to stop walking when I receive a message on my mobile.

However I can multitask when the situation requires; like riding a motorcycle and spotting speed cameras or drinking beer in a bar whilst watching Kylie Minogue pop videos on the pub TV (actually the second one is not true, I stop drinking)

Gail can multi-task her media, reading a magazine or doing a puzzle whilst watching a television programme.

I can drink beer and eat biscuits whilst watching television.

But all this tweeting is beyond me, they are just dumb one liners.
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