Monday, September 13, 2010

Barefoot in London .

On the 4th August 2010 Thursday's child wrote in her blog about walking barefoot in London...

...Only option ive got is to take off my sandals and walk barefoot, the broken ones beyond fixing. So its back down the grimy stair well and ive got to brave the front line, shoeless, i must look like a right dick, walking through south east london with no shoes pushing a pram, with a long bright dress, and black hijab, people are looking at me and i have to go and catch the bus to Old Kent Road, i have to say about 10 times to people looking at me like WTF? "my sandal broke" and they're like having a 'smirky smile' back and saying "oh". On the 21 bus, i inspect my foot bottom, i think the soles of my feet are like an inch thick with dirt, worse than the picture at the top i just found.

...Well, that got Stephen thinking. You often see people walking around London barefoot. There are many reasons for this, for some people it is a lifestyle choice . For other people it can be a fashion statement or a protest against companies who do not allow entry to barefoot customers. Then there are the healthy lifestyle people who go barefoot because that is how our species evolved. When you think about it, they have a point when you consider evolution and how your foot works.

There is no need to invest £7.50 for a book called The Barefoot Book: 50 Great Reasons to Kick Off Your Shoes by Daniel Howell. All you need to do is take off your shoes and give it a go! Walking barefoot is different and can be quite a thrill. Your feet and senses will feel very fresh and awake.

Of course, walking barefoot in London is also rather sexy. Looking at the feet hunter blog you will find many pictures that show just how sexy and attractive barefoot girls can be...

So why no give it a try? What have you got to loose?
Sorry Steve I cannot see how a girl's bare feet covered in dirt are sexy.


Although I will admit to completing a rock climb in the Avon Gorge in bare feet when the lace in my climbing boots snapped.
Oh John, the sexiness is about the vulnerability of the girl. Girls appear so vulnerable and fragile when they are barefoot. When a girl walks the streets and then proudly displays her dirty feet, it is both a fashion and a sexy statement that proclaims "look I am vulnerable, I am brave and I can take risks. I do not need shoes and the dirt on my feet show that I am a real woman, not a poser. Do you think that you can handle me, big boy?"

While doing research for this post I stumbled across this blog which may help you understand. Enjoy!
Thank you Steve, I get it now.

Wow! Thanks for linking my blog post! I had no idea until tonight!
Thanks to you Thursday for giving me inspiration and content for this blog post. It is also nice for everyone to find that other people have enjoyed their digital footprints. It is nice to have a voice on the web that is not forgotten, unlike the messages people post on Facebook and Twitter.
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