Friday, September 10, 2010

The Fox & Hounds at Llancarfan .

Yesterday was our 19th wedding anniversary and we chose to celebrate with friends and family by going out for a meal. Gail is a big fan of British food and wanted something British, after the recent string of visits to foreign restaurants. Both sisters-in-law, Diane and Maggie like British food, so they were happy to come along and let John and David know the event was happening! We were also joined by Faye and David who are long standing friends and were at our wedding 19 years ago. The 8 of us sat down with David, Diane and Gail sitting next to each other on the same side. It would have been obvious to anyone that they were brother and two sisters, no need for a DNA check!

The Fox & Hounds at Llancarfan is in the Vale of Glamorgan. It is between Bonvilston and Barry down some country lanes. Llancarfan is a tiny village in the back of beyond. This was the village pub but times have changed with lots of pubs going bankrupt. The Fox & Hounds can get no passing trade because it is not on a classified road, you have to want to go there. So the Fox & Hounds must rely on the quality of it's food and tourists wanting accommodation in a secluded rural spot.

We had the special £15 three course evening dinner. The food is British and at the top end of the market. This is not freezer-to-fryer food that comes in on one lorry from a distribution hub. They do not offer regular pub fare but food where an awful lot of thought has gone into the menu. This is special chef food where every dish has an added extra, something you will never find in the major restaurant chains.

My starter was a salad with fresh beetroot and 3 different cheeses. This was refreshingly different for a starter and I would have it again. My main course was the lamb pie which was gorgeous and full of flavour. My desert was passion fruit panna cotta which was like a blancmange . You don't get deserts like that in your nearest branch of Brains! I think the quality of food on offer for your £15 is good value and everyone was happy with what they had. They had a real ale that I have never heard of before. It was Holden's XB a 4.1% alcohol by volume straw coloured real ale. I really liked this beer and I wondered where it had come from. It tasted similar to beers from Devon and Somerset. A quick check on the internet revealed it's most unlikely origin, Dudley in the West Midlands!

So that was a lovely celebration of our 19th wedding anniversary and a great time was had by all at the Fox & Hounds, Llancarfan.
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