Monday, September 20, 2010

Invitation to a Beheading .

Over on Brain Drain a blog by K P Jayan, he writes about a novel by Vladimir Nabokov called Invitation to a Beheading . I have not read this book but I do like reading Jayan's blog. K P Jayan has written a lovely blog post about this book, that got me thinking.

Cincinnatus is on death row, awaiting his Beheading...

All he ask is for a few blank sheets and the pen. In confinement, he thus starts writing. But he is not sure if he will be able to complete all that he wanted to say. Even before he was taken to the final destination, all he ask is three more minute to complete what he writing.

...So, as K P Jayan admits, Invitation to a Beheading is is a difficult novel to read. But the bit about writing something before you die and how important it is to you, I can understand and relate to. People like to leave the slate clean when they die and to write something that others can remember them by. Of course it is a very real tension when you do not know just how long you have to live. Then your whole focus shifts from your life to your final prose. Many people write lots of things everyday on blogs, Facebook and Twitter. Some people have a sudden and untimely death, so their final blog, Facebook or Twitter posts just reveal the daily flavour of their personalities and life. It is always sad to read someone's final blog, Facebook or Twitter post after they have died, knowing that was the last time the world could hear their voice. If you know, like Cincinnatus did, that you are on your way out, then it is very important that you and only you write your final chapter. It is also a good way to grieve when other people submit their comments under the deceased person's final blog, Facebook or Twitter post.

If I never meet my daughter Inge before I die, then I hope that she will find this blog on the internet and gain a glimpse of the father she never knew.
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