Monday, September 27, 2010

Look, I must be sophisticated!

Oh yes, it is printed in The Guardian today...

Food appears key to this renaissance, with sales of real or cask ales booming in pubs where sophisticated consumers are choosing ale in preference to wine with their meal. there you have it, as printed in today's Guardian, I am a "sophisticated consumer"!

I have enjoyed real ale for over 34 years now and I thought the image of a real ale drinker was a bearded middle-aged man, not a sophisticated consumer. I am a bearded middle-aged man and I certainly enjoy my real ale. There are now so many to choose from, with 78 new micro-breweries opening in the last year bringing the total in the UK to 767. According to the Cask Report, Britain's National Drink, 2010-2011, published today, the real ale market grew by 5% in 2009 to £1.4bn, against a 2% decline in the total UK beer market, which remains dominated by carbonated beers such as lager.

It is nice to read that sales of real ale have increased because there was a worry maybe 20 years ago, that pubs were phasing out real ale in favour of keg beers and lagers. Thankfully drinkers have shown good sense and taste by supporting real ale at the till in both pubs and the supermarkets. It is also nice to consider myself to be a sophisticated bearded middle-aged man.
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