Thursday, September 16, 2010

No surprise here, then.

The obesity epidemic has nothing to do with modern sedentary lifestyles and is entirely down to eating too much, a leading academic has claimed. Despite appearances, overall physical activity levels have remained constant for the last quarter of a century during which time weight levels have rocketed, Professor John Speakman said. He claimed that the average man burned 1380 calories per day in the 1980s and continues to do so today. The average woman has burned 950 calories a day during the same period. What has changed is that calorie intake has increased by at least a third to on average 3,500 calories a day, he said.

This article in the Daily Telegraph has so far generated 14 reader comments. It is no surprise to me, the 14 commentators or the general public at large, that if you eat too much, then you will put on weight. If you keep eating too much over time, then you will become obese. Obese people can make many excuses, my wife Gail included. Trouble is my Mam and Dad read the Daily Telegraph and they will have read this article and commented between themselves. I wonder if they will mention it when we see them next Tuesday?

Sorry Gail but the jury is not out on this one. We know just how much you eat and your dress size demonstrates this. John Speakman has spoken out as an academic by saying just what everyone else has believed for years. If you eat too much then the pounds will simply pile on. And yes, if I drink too much beer, then my belly will grow past my 36" waist.
Jaspet Carrott reduced it further by exclaiming all you need say to a fat person, claiming it's not their fault they're fat, is:

"Look! This hole here (point to an open mouth) is bigger than this hole here (point to anus)."
There is no way you have a 36" waist!!!!! More like 42/44"!!!
Matthew, my trousers do not lie, the label clearly states 36" waist. Maybe you have got me confused with another driver, I think Dave Maynard wears 44" waist trousers. Why don't you send fat boy a text message?
Steve, may I ask what exactly were you doing looking inside Dave Maynards trousers??????????? Tell me to mind my own business if you like but I thought you were happily married???!!!!!!!!
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