Saturday, September 18, 2010

Pope brings London to gridlock .

Thanks a lot to the Metropolitan Police and the Pope for bringing London to gridlock yesterday afternoon. What a disgrace and it pissed a lot of people off. The Police closed loads of roads in central London at the drop of a hat, for the visit of the Pope. It took me 70 minutes to get from Victoria Coach Station to the New Covent Garden Market, a journey that normally takes 10 to 15 minutes. This meant that I lost an hour of my rest break just because of the Pope's visit. Looking at the above webpage I read that...

16.13: The Pope arrives at Lambeth. Just under 25 minutes from Wimbledon. Record time I would suggest from that part of the world to central London.

...yes, well okay for him and his Police escort, whilst everyone else is stuck in gridlock.

Returning back to Cardiff, passengers were right pissed off by the delays caused by the Pope's visit and the closed roads. We are not just talking about wasted time and the congestion. Passengers who were delayed by the gridlock had missed their original departure. Accordingly these passengers then had to purchase a new ticket at around £25 a throw - that certainly hurts. They would not want to convert to Catholicism after being robbed of time and money by the Pope.
I was also caught up in the gridlock yesterday. I followed the diversion signs and ended up going round in a big circle!!!!!!!!!! Total ineptitude and indifference and total incompetence on the part of the police and council authorities!!!!
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