Sunday, September 05, 2010

The view from the cab window .

A WOMAN driver performed a sex act on herself while overtaking lorries on the M6. Miranda Chapman, 43, pulled down her trousers and knickers to pleasure herself. Trucker Jonathan Kitchen looked out of his cab and saw her naked below the waist as she slowly overtook his HGV in her Peugeot 307. He was so shocked by the sight that he called police. A patrol pulled Chapman over a few miles further along the motorway.

There are further reports of this incident in the Cumberland News and the Westmorland Gazette .

Much fun about this incident has been posted on the Truck Driver's Forum including ...

I had similar coming up the A42 not long ago... I noticed a car 'sitting' very close to the back of the trailer. I thought about 'feathering' my hand-brake but I couldn't be bothered with the hassle of completing accident forms should the car have hit me. Anyway, the car decides to overtake very slowly. Once it is level with the front of the tractor unit I look down. There's a bloke driving and a woman asleep on the passenger seat. She's in her mid-50s, wearing a crop top and nothing below, bearing a 'shaven haven' for all to see. I had a good perv (well... you have to, don't you?) and then lent on the horn. Scared the bejesus out of the pair of them, the car swerved away nearly hitting the armco! PMSL!

...So, what is my view on this incident? Well, I think that the truck driver Jonathan Kitchen is a sad old character. He should have simply turned a blind-eye for Miranda was not doing any harm and had full control of her vehicle. I think his phone call to the police was not justified and was bordering on wasting police time. You would think that catching a glimpse of Miranda in action would have brightened up his day, it would do for most other professional drivers. Driving along at night on country roads it is quite common to catch in your headlights women in lay-bys having a pee. It always pleases me to see the unexpected display of naked buttocks caught in action as I drive past. I am sure I am not alone in this, so keep your fingers on the action girls and brighten up our work days and nights!
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