Sunday, September 19, 2010

The walls have ears! .

What sort of a society have we become? Passengers regularly eavesdrop drivers talking among themselves and then report the drivers in the hope that they will receive a money-off travel voucher. Now things have gone a step further and 6 Veolia workers have been arrested after they were allegedly overheard in the works canteen discussing an attack on the Pope. Police refused to confirm reports that the men were joking, saying they had a duty to investigate. All 6 men aged between 26 and 50, were arrested on suspicion of the commission, preparation or instigation of acts of terrorism on Friday, and released without charge late on Saturday and early on Sunday.

So, watch what you say in public because the eavesdroppers can get you into trouble. Mind you, not all Veolia depots are the same. At Treforest the staffing levels are so low, I have not found anyone in the portacabin for 2 weeks now to scan and issue my tachograph charts. Each day I go into an empty portacabin with nobody to do my tachographs, say hello to or plot an attack to kill the Pope. Now I know why there is a desk diary, for drivers to leave comments before launching an attack in London.
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