Wednesday, September 08, 2010

What's it with the ties?

Nat West have rented some large billboard sites on major routes going into London. This advertising campaign features large photographs of alleged bank workers who are there to help you. There are 2 men and 2 women, each looking rather young. This advertisement is supposed to drum up business but it would put me off.

Each staff member is sporting the company uniform. Staff should be friendly and approachable. What do we have here? The 2 men wear the company tie and the 2 women some sort of cravat. This does not make the staff look professional but gives the impression that these young staff members are talking up their experience and the job by wearing a tie or cravat. The public are not fooled, wearing a tie does not get the job done, it just makes the staff member look a plonker! These characters do not look human, they look like tailors dummies.

This corporate image is not friendly but rather stand-offish. Do Nat West think that if their staff show a little neck it will get the customer running to another bank? I think Nat West have got it wrong with their neck tie and cravat company image. I would rather staff look normal, like the guy next door rather than a catalogue model. Customers like normal people to deal with, not dressed up dummies. Think again Nat West, neck ties and cravats belong in a museum, not on the High Street.
Fundamentally, wearing a tie when in a job that sees you are someone to whom your clients look up, adds to the image. It makes you look smart and a little more descerning than if chest hair is on display (especially on a woman, lol).

While I have a small collection of ties (the first 533 are located here: I do appreciate the merits of the ever-popular 'smart casual' look, but think bankers - no matter what your view of them right now - should not lower their dress code standard.

Next thing you'll be allowing school teachers to conduct lessons in flip-flops and Bermuda shorts.
When a driver on the Nation-wide company's books, I always made passengers who wanted to board my coach bare-chested cover up. As with ties, this level of boundary pushing is too far. Sure, the guy may have defined 'pecks' and a 'six pack' but he should have the decency and respect to cover up when in a public place.
Its sad to say but in some professions the image gets noticed more then the abilty to do the job, Banking is a prime example of this. A tie (maybe not a cravat) does create an image of a professional where a polo shirt might not.

Its also a sad relection that many people are fooled by image. Have ever bought an item because of a colourful presentation or slick advertisment. I've been caught out, using Lynx body spray does not have women falling at your feet tearing their clothes off.

I agree wearing a tie does not get the job done, a computer does, and I would prefer my very able neighbours to do the job rather then a pin stripe suited wanker (sorry keyboard slip there) but accept the need to conform in this (and only this) circumtance.

Stephen, you really are a strange type. You complain in 1 of your earlier blogs that a woman was arrested by police for fingering herself whilst driving along the motorway but here you are moaning like an old fart for bankers wearing a tie whilst doing their jobs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thanks guys for your comments. In answer to them I offer...

Would John like to wear flip-flops and Bermuda shorts in his next lesson?

I do not mind how my passengers dress, the less clothing the better. I have a fancy for naked feet at the moment.

I wish staff would challenge company dress codes and I support those dress-down-Fridays.

Oh Matthew, people should choose themselves whether to finger themselves or what to wear at work. Thinking of which, when I saw you on the other side of Park Place yesterday in your Volvo B12B Plaxton Panther, it reminded me of a post I read on Wabby . Do you look really cool in your sunglasses or could you be attracting a different class of passenger!
I wear the sunglasses for 1 reason only and that is to keep the sun out of my eyes, hence the name, sun glasses!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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