Sunday, October 03, 2010

All that twitters may not be real!

Twitter is becoming a very popular forum for both individuals and companies to broadcast short messages of up to 140 characters to the general public. People enjoy this constant stream of rapid and up to date information. People also take this information in good faith. But when I read this story on the Daily Telegraph website , I laughed my socks off!

Pranksters who created a Twitter account posing as a bus company have confused passengers by announcing fake cancellations and warning that overweight travellers would be charged double. The messages, purporting to come from Birmingham based National Express, claiming that some services would be diverted because of rioting peasants. One tweet from the account account Travel_WM read: "Probably going to start charging fatties double. Most of you take up more room than 2 people so it's still pretty fair." And other bizarre messages that followed warned commuters not to expect their usual buses to turn up because of riots - and even because it was too wet for drivers to go out. Tweets read: "X62 service diverted around Northfield and Rubery until Sunday night due to rioting peasants." Another message reads: "Well this rain's pretty bad isn't it?! Think we may cancel services tonight so our drivers can all come in and dry off a bit."

I think this Travel West Midlands spoof twitter site is a hoot! I think the tweets are very witty with a lovely dark humour. My favourite at a glance so far is...

Whole office trying to some up with a new company slogan. Mine was "YOU DONT HAVE A FUCKING CHOICE" but apparently its too edgy....
Tue Sep 28 2010 07:23:12 (GMT Daylight Time) via web

...This spoof twitter site is great and so much better than the Official National Express Travel West Midlands twitter site. Still, I wish the spoof twitter site a great success. I wonder who is behind this spoof twitter site? My guess is that it could simply be anybody from a transport enthusiast to a comedy writer. It may even be a rival bus company in the West Midlands!
How come you havent written a blog about your thoughts and observations on the decision to close the M4 bus lane???
It's coming Matthew, I have plenty of time because although the story broke on Friday , that was a leak about the planned speech this afternoon at the Tory conference. It is due to close on Christmas Eve so I have plenty of time to write my post.
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