Monday, October 25, 2010

Charlotte sings barefoot .

I was watching the Graham Norton show on television last Friday night and one of his guests was a Cardiff girl called Charlotte Church. She sat on the sofa with 2 other guests and took part in this quite ordinary chat show. Because Charlotte Church is a successful singer, she was also booked to sing her new song called "Don't Think About It". So Graham finished his chat with Charlotte and the other 2 guests and then invited Charlotte to walk over to the stage and sing the song from her new album. But Charlotte did not simply walk across the studio, she took off both of her shoes, left them next to the sofa and walked barefoot to the stage!

Well, I was amazed! WOW! Charlotte walked across the studio on national television barefoot. She sang her song on the stage barefoot and proudly walked back barefoot to the sofa for the end of this programme. Well done girl, walking barefoot in the posh BBC studio appeared so very naughty yet also very sexy. It was very refreshing to watch Charlotte sing and walk barefoot on television. It was a joy to see her little Welsh toes naked on the studio floor and this brightened up my evening. Thank you Charlotte, it was nice to see that you have the confidence to appear and perform barefoot on television which can be rather stuffy and old-fashioned at times.

SO, thats yur sexual turn on!!! Bare feet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Dirty old man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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