Saturday, October 02, 2010

Get off my trousers, go away! .

On my rest break in London this morning, I walked along to Hyde Park . It is a short walk from London Victoria Coach Station and it is a very pleasant park to sit in for my official rest period. I sat on a bench and put my bag down to enjoy my refreshment. I get out my spoon and opened my Mango, Papaya and Passion Fruit yogurt. Then I spotted squirrels running towards me. They look up at me and my yogurt. One squirrel gets on the leg of my trousers and runs up on top of my knee and looks me in the eye. "Go away!" I instruct the squirrel. The squirrel ignores me, so I repeat my instruction.

As Brendan Routledge , the owner of the above image states "Squirrels are a common sight in Hyde Park and have become almost tame and take very little notice of the thousands of tourists wandering by." Well, this squirrel was very tame and mistook me for a tourist rather than a hungry coach driver. Still, the squirrels run around me, my trousers, my legs and the bench I was sitting on. The squirrels slowly begin to understand that they are getting no food off me and eventually run away. Some tourists walk along and the squirrels are back, all over me and the tourists. This time the foreign tourists have food for the squirrels, nuts and cereal which makes all the squirrels very happy. The tourists walk on and the squirrels ignore me and retreat back into the trees.

So now it is time to get the book I am reading at the moment from my bag. Trouble is, the squirrels spot me taking my book out of my bag and back they come. Once again the squirrels run around me, my trousers, my legs and the bench I was sitting on. A squirrel sits on my knee and engages eye contact. I tell the squirrel "Go away, this is a book, you can't eat it, leave me alone, it is just a book." The squirrel just sits there on my knee, pleading with it's eyes. I repeat my instruction to the squirrel and open my book and ignore it. The squirrel eventually gets bored and runs off leaving me in peace to enjoy my book.

The squirrels in Hyde Park are very tame and trusting. If you sit down before the tourists arrive, they will badger you for food. Hyde Park is a great place for a picnic in London and you will never be lonely!
You are one miserable old bugger!! Just give the squirell some food, its not as if you are gonna starve to death!!!!!!!!!!!!
Matthew, it was not just the one squirrel. There were many squirrels and if you gave to one, you would have to give to them all. I paid for my fat reserves and it is a long way back home!
The other option is to eat the squirrel, I gather they are now the latest trendy fodder.

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