Saturday, October 09, 2010

Get your coffee-coloured arse on my coach!

Sugababe Amelle Berrabah has been banned from motoring for 14 months after admitting drinking and driving. Representing the singer, James O'Brien, told the court that due to the media interest in her she would find it difficult to use public transport. "Because of her rather unusual situation, her use of public transport will be difficult if not impossible," he said. "She tends to draw huge interest and huge crowds wherever she goes. She finds that personally quite disturbing and she finds it threatening at times. If she were to use public transport she would fear for her own safety and the safety of others."

...Well then James O'Brien, I find your defence of Amelle Berrabah rather silly. Using public transport is really easy for everyone and I doubt if other passengers would recognize Amelle Berrabah. Yes, Amelle will have a fan base but that fan base will go to her concerts and will not be travelling on the same inter-city coach or local service bus as Amelle. Paparazzi photographers do get about a lot, generally at glamourous locations, not your local bus stop. Yes, there are often photographers at many of the bus stations around the country but these people are bus spotters and would not recognize Amelle Berrabah if she stood in front of them. I have seen many photographs of coaches on the internet but rarely can you make out the driver because the bus spotter is only interested in the coach and not the driver. I find it impossible to believe that Amelle would find public transport quite disturbing and threatening at times, or that if she were to use public transport she would fear for her own safety and the safety of others. Public transport is safe and easy. There is nothing disturbing about travelling on a bus or coach and you will not be threatened by anyone. If anyone starts to bother you, simply approach the driver and the situation will be resolved straight away. There is no problem with your safety or the safety of others but remember to wear your seat belt on coaches, rather than ignore the driver's safety announcement. Amelle has already broken the law once by drink driving, it would be really silly for her to be fined £30 for not wearing a seat belt! Public safety is monitored and protected by CCTV on almost all buses and coaches. Companies claim that the CCTV is for the safety of passengers but it is really to protect operators from fraudulent insurance claims from those passengers.

So James O'Brien, I reject your silly defence of your client and I think that Amelle Berrabah should get her coffee-coloured arse on my coach!
Ms Berrabah might be rich but she has confused that with being important.

Today's account of this story in The Mail (might not be entirely true but don't let that spoil a good tale) states that the crowd of fans expected to turn up at her court appearance failed to show and a security guard thought that she was an X-factor contestant.

Must feel sorry for the poor girl, the stress of the case is clearly getting to her. She's forgotten to put her knickers on, good job she is not riding a bicycle.

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