Friday, October 01, 2010

Motorway shut for nearly five hours for one nutter.

What is wrong with turning a blind-eye? Since the Tories messed around with the National Health Service and sent the mentally handicapped out of hospital, nutters have been causing havoc within the community. Oh, let's put the nutters back in the community was the bright idea then from the cost-cutting Tories.

Today the M4 motorway was closed between junctions 14 and 15 in both directions for nearly five hours. The Police took this decision to close the motorway whilst they tried to persuade a man not to jump from a bridge over the motorway near Membury Services. Police later confirmed that nobody was hurt in the incident but a man in his 40s has been detained under Section 136 of the Mental Health Act.

So everybody's journey was severely delayed in case this nutter jumped off a bridge. Some people will decide to commit suicide and that is there choice, regardless of their state of mind. People have their own choices to make but the Police closing the motorway for nearly five hours restricted the choice and freedoms of thousands. This seems grossly unfair to me. If the nutter wants to jump let him do it because he will only do it once and then we can all get on with our lives.
The problem is when the nutter jumps and lands directly infront or on top of the car/coach/motorbike passing that piont at the time. It could cause a major pile up with many injuries and possible fatalities.

Releasing the dogs in an attempt to make the nutter quickly get on with it might be seen as unPC and prompt a few stiff letters to the Guardian and no doubt tazers will soon be withdrawn because they hurt bad people.

No the only answer is to shut the motorway so that the traffic cops can sit around in their warm police cars drinking tea and racking up the overtime. They need their rest so that when they decide to open the motorway they can concentrate on nicking those doing 79mph.

Road Traffic Accidents are an occupational hazard for professional drivers, it goes with the territory. Accidents do happen and other accidents may well have happened because the motorway was closed by the Police and traffic was diverted along other roads with a higher accident record per passenger mile. Releasing the dogs would have been okay, also the use of a taser. The irony is that Peter Boatman a director of the company which supplied unauthorised Taser guns to officers involved in the hunt for Raoul Moat is understood to have killed himself just three days after the Home Office revoked the firm's licence to supply weapons to police forces.

Peter Boatman, the director of operations at Pro-Tect Systems, was found dead at his home in Northampton yesterday afternoon having apparently taken his own life.
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