Wednesday, October 06, 2010

So, let's get this right, you publish a manifesto, get elected into government and then introduce measures that were not in your manifesto!

Okay, this does not apply to me but this issue simply stinks. David Cameron was forced yesterday to apologise to voters for breaking an election promise with his decision to withdraw child benefit from 1.2 million higher-rate taxpayers. "We did not outline all those cuts, we did not know exactly the situation we were going to inherit," he told ITV news. "But I acknowledge this was not in our manifesto. Of course I am sorry about that."

Cameron made his comments in the face of growing unease on his own backbenches at the anomalies thrown up by the blanket withdrawal of child benefit from anyone earning more £43,875. The cut will mean a loss of £1,055 a year for one-child families and almost £2,500 for those with three children.

I thought that we lived in a democracy where a party publishes a manifesto and if they get elected, they carry out the pledges in that manifesto. The Conservatives have acted disgustingly by carrying out policies that were not in their manifesto. If a retailer was advertising a product that did not do what it said on the box then they would find themselves in court by the Trading Standards departments. Yet what does David Cameron do - he simply says "sorry about that". This to my mind is fraud and David Cameron is simply one dodgy dealer. Still, the country decided to vote in a liar and those high earning Conservative voters with children get what they deserve!
Doing what wasnt in their election manifesto is exactly what politicians, particularly Liebour, have been doing for years!!!!!!!!!!!!! Why make a song and dance about it now Mr Liebour Clynes??? Oh, I forgot, it is because the horrible nasty Fascists are in power.............................
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