Thursday, November 18, 2010

The changing face of Britain.

White British people will be a minority in their own country by 2066 if current immigration levels continue, a population expert has claimed. Professor David Coleman, of Oxford University, said the demographic group would make up less than half the population in "little more" than 50 years. Referring to white British people becoming a minority, the population expert added: "The 50% benchmark has no special demographic significance, but it would have a considerable psychological and political impact. The transition to a 'majority minority' population, whenever it happens, would represent an enormous change to national identity - cultural, political, economic and religious. In Britain, judging by the opposition to high immigration reported in opinion polls over recent years, it seems likely that such developments would be unwelcome."

...Well, 2066 - that will be beyond my lifetime, unless I live until I am 108 years old! Of course this opinion by Professor David Coleman, of Oxford University will wind up an awful lot of people. People who think that being British is having white skin. National identity is gained from living in a country, living in a way that the population does. National identity is not gained from skin colour but from living and working every day in that country. I was at first very surprised to hear one person claiming to be a "Black Welsh person". That description made no sense at all to me, a white skinned Englishman living in Wales. I do not think of myself as Welsh, although I have lived here in Cardiff since 1991. I do not even think of myself as English any more because of how diverse our society has become. I am just Stephen and I live in Cardiff. I do not notice people's skin colour because I see so many different shades in my day job. Looking at the passengers sat on my coach, less than half could be white skinned. I do not know because it does not bother me and I have never counted! Even if less than half of the passengers are white skinned it will not bother me, I will be happy to have a job and drive a coach for the black man.

I am just a person, a law abiding and tax paying person. I was born with white skin and it is no big deal. What I find rather sad is black skinned people who declare that they are Black British or Black Welsh. No mate, you are hopefully a council tax payer and should leave your skin colour out of your declaration. So, get over it every one - it is only skin colour and not how people live in our diverse society, part of a country we should be proud of as residents. Mind you, I think it is silly people getting fake tans or using sunbeds - what is the point?
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