Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Getting it right, on the first take.

Over on Presenting Lenore she writes about books that we have to read twice (or more) to really get into. "I think a book is fundamentally flawed if you have to read it twice before you can really get into it."

I agree with Lenore on this issue. An author's job is to communicate with the reader and if you can't enjoy the story fully and really get into it on the first read, then both the author and the book are failures. You should only need to read a book the once. Good authors publish good books that hook you in from the first page, you should never have to go back. It is sad that some readers make excuses for bad books by saying that you need to read it twice to really get into it! If a book is bad then you should read it until the end and then write a review on your blog explaining why that book is so bad. Never give a rubbish book a second chance, you have been disappointed once, don't give that bad author another chance to disappoint you. Read a book once and then move on, because there are plenty of other books to choose from in the bookstore.
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