Monday, November 29, 2010

Mood of the holiday.

I am on holiday at the moment and I have been off-work since last Tuesday. All our staff have to take their annual holiday allocation before the end of December. I will return to work on Monday 6th of December and have been spending my time at home. We do not have sufficient money to afford to go away on another foreign holiday this year. So we have been pottering about locally and treating ourselves to many a pub lunch.

The snowfall here in Cardiff is extremely light and has not hindered people getting around. It is nice for me to be able to take Barney, our little pet dog, for a fair walk everyday. He will get a shock when I go back to work and his walking will be reduced.

I have spent some time on the internet but nothing has really rocked my boat. The reason for the absence of blog posts is that I am finding all the news stories across the net rather boring. I have not found anything that I really want to comment on - this is not a case of writers' block, more a disillusionment with the stories that I find on the web. Looking at all the newspaper websites makes me seriously wonder how they stay in business.

Gail has been getting her fill of television and spending more time with her at home has given me the chance to discover what rubbish she watches whilst I am at work! No wonder she has a magazine on her lap whilst the television is playing. She reads her magazines and completes her puzzles whilst some very low rate television is being broadcast. Women claim that they can multi-task but what they really do is watch rubbish television and do something better at the same time, like reading a magazine or completing a puzzle. The television she chooses to watch on a evening is no better - real dumbing down stuff, I have a brain - get me out of here!

Still, plenty of rest and time for reflection. Where have the years gone? It is now 20 years since I first met Gail outside Cardiff Castle. Times and society have moved on a lot in 20 years. We all get wiser as we get older and some things we have missed out on. We realise that the world is not one of opportunity but one of gradual social evolution as society grinds forward. It is no use thinking of all those what if's and could have been's. Each person is only a speck on this planet and their lives are just a tiny fraction of time in history.
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