Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Accidental Farmer .

Thoroughly enjoyed watching Accidental Farmer on BBC1 television last night. Erin Taylor is a high-powered, London-based advertising executive and she buys a rundown farm in Yorkshire. Erin decides to make a go of it - how hard can it be to run a farm?

This one-off comedy drama was very good to watch. It made a very entertaining television programme that lasted 60 minutes, it was not too short and it was not padded out either. The whole programme had the character of a book rather than a television show. I think the writing of Daisy Coulam was spot on and I liked her humour that was not overplayed. The location of the farm in Yorkshire was beautiful and would be a lovely place to stay for bed and breakfast on a real working farm. I liked the dialogue of the characters, particularly Judith - the horsey neighbour, played by Sylvestra Le Touzel . I spotted an old actor from Spooks, one Raza Jaffrey who played Erin's boyfriend Mike. I do not know who the animal trainer was but there was a lovely little piglet who ran around Erin and the whole farm like a loyal family pet dog.

Well done the BBC for commissioning Accidental Farmer. Daisy Coulam scripted an excellent programme and I wish her many future programmes because I like her writing style. Accidental Farmer was a good television programme for when book lovers feel a little lazy but still want a good story.
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