Wednesday, December 01, 2010

A bad hour of comedy on Channel 4 television.

There were two new comedy programmes broadcast on Channel 4 television last night. The first programme was called Frankie Boyle's Tramadol Nights and the second programme was called The Morgana Show . They were broadcast back to back and offered the viewer an hour of light entertainment. That was the hope!

Well, what a load of rubbish! I enjoy the stand-up comedy routines of Frankie Boyle and have loved his witty contributions to Mock the Week on BBC2 television. However, Tramadol Nights was very disappointing. Frankie's stand-up routine was only a small part of this programme and well down on his usual high standard. His routine was cheap and lacking of topical material. Frankie is paid to entertain an audience but he decided to bully the front row members of the audience for some very cheap laughs. The rest of Tramadol Nights was made from sketches that were frankly childish. The padding out of Tramadol Nights by these lengthy sketches made the whole programme drag. There was not one sketch that I found really funny and Frankie's stand-up was rather amateur. I shall not be watching this programme next week.

The Morgana Show was a new programme that promised something fresh, if the advertisements were to be believed. However, Morgana Robinson was a big disappointment. The style of the whole programme was simply a cheap take-off of Catherine Tate . Lots of laboured sketches featuring rather naff characters. Nothing in the whole programme made me smile or made me hope for more. The writing was cheap and none of the characters had an urban edge. I shall not be watching this programme next week.

So, that was two bad comedy programmes on Channel 4 television last night. I shall be watching neither programme next week because they are so badly written and cheap in both quality and content. If I had to suffer just one of these programmes which one would I choose and why? It would be The Morgana Show because it offers more variety than Tramadol Nights offers. Each sketch does not last as long as the sketches in Tramadol Nights do, so you will not get bored as quickly. Also Morgana Robinson's take-off of Cheryl Cole sounded voice perfect for an impressionist. That was not good comedy or original but simply a good impression.
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