Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Can we have our gun back please?

Women quite often will place their purse on the roof of their car, get in and drive off. If they are a really smooth driver and are incredibly lucky, then they may stop their car and retrieve their purse from the roof and learn by their experience. Generally they loose their purse and everyone rightly calls her a silly cow. I have just read this news story and this time it was a bloke. The Police Officer from the elite CO19 firearms unit had attended a briefing in Lambeth yesterday morning when he put the powerful stun gun as well as cartridges on the roof of his marked car. The weapon is believed to have dropped off somewhere between the Met's firearms base in Norfolk Row and Vauxhall Cross, where the officer stopped for petrol. A frantic search of the route has failed to find the bright yellow plastic gun, which resembles a handgun.

A Met spokesman said: “We are appealing for the assistance of the public in the return of the Taser. During the course of preparing the vehicle for operation after the briefing, the officer placed a Taser on the roof of a marked police vehicle. He then drove away from the base with the Taser still on the roof.”I do not think that the elite CO19 firearms unit of the Metropolitan Police will get their Taser stun gun back. The firearms officer has been suspended from operational duty and faces an internal inquiry.

...I expect there will be a lot of talk in the Police canteen and they will not be calling him PC Plod but PC Prick! One south London boy may be getting a second-hand toy gun for Christmas that will be the envy of his peer group because his new toy is clearly the dogs' bollocks!
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