Sunday, December 12, 2010

Curry in Bradford.

When I go to Bradford on the early shift, I do not have the breakfast in the Campanile hotel the next morning because of my early start. All drivers on the early shift get a money off coupon to use in the hotel restaurant. For a long time now we have had the very small menu labelled spring/summer to choose a meal from. Drivers were getting a little bored with the choice on offer but still week after week, we had the spring/summer menu. Autumn came and went with no change to the menu. It is now winter and still on the spring/summer menu the best bet was the lamb burger. Now anybody thinking of staying the night in Bradford would automatically think curry, not a lamb burger!

What a shock I got the other night when I was on the early shift staying overnight at the Campanile hotel in Bradford . The menu has now changed and it is labelled autumn/winter! Gone is the option of a lamb burger, so what shall I have? What is this - the Curry Club? Chicken Jalfrezi, Chicken Korma or Beef Madras with rice and a naan bread washed down with a bottle of Cobra. Yes please, Mr Barman, I will have one of those! And very nice the Beef Madras was too! Now that is Bradford for me, a bed and a curry. What more could a man want after a full day's work?
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