Friday, December 03, 2010

It's snow go for Santa!

A charity Santa jog has been postponed until after Christmas due to the weather. The British Heart Foundation Cymru’s event was due to take place in Bute Park, Cardiff this Sunday but the charity said the risk of snow showers and freezing conditions meant it was unsafe to go ahead. Hannah Townsend, BHF Cymru’s Events Organiser said: “We have had to take this decision to cancel this Sunday’s event due to severe weather warnings issued this morning by the Met Office for Sunday. We have surveyed the paths this morning at Bute Park and they are really treacherous with thick ice and unlikely to thaw by Sunday. We have made every effort to try to and get a supply of grit to the route but the current snow crisis has meant delays in grit deliveries to the city."

...Well, this cancellation is daft. Oh yes, we have had a very light dusting of snow here in Cardiff but nothing much. I have walked Barney for a fair walk every day and he has loved it. The water has been rather cold, so this has stopped him jumping in rivers and streams. We walked past 2 fishermen this morning along the banks of the River Ely and there were small areas of ice on top of the water which did not deter these men from their hobby. To cancel this charity run is daft, people can get around Cardiff with ease. It annoys me how the British close things because of a bit of snow. There is no need for this, the weather and all it throws at us is just part of life, so get on with it. Schools across the country are closing for no reason at all. Think of the bad work ethic this is giving the pupils. To stop consenting adults from running around in a park wearing silly costumes is daft. Even the namby pamby school teachers in Cardiff are still reporting for work and all Cardiff schools are open for learning. So have a heart Hannah and let the consenting adults run around Bute Park and raise money for your charity. The event is now due to go ahead on Sunday 23rd January 2011. Hopefully the weather is not too cold for our fine weather friend!
Some "namby pamby school teachers" relish the cold weather (not that its arrived yet) and are equally annoyed when the schools are closed since they have a knobbly tyred motorcycle which allows them to get through in most conditions (maybe not black ice). But I will admit to enjoying the extra sking school closures allowed.

Being only paid the days you work does strengthen the work ethic though.

Incidentally I'm intending to take part in another Christmas run this year, running on icey pavements is "interesting" but I think that conditions are far more likely to be worse in January when it does cool off a tad.

Thanks John for rising to the bait! Just checking that you are still reading my blog. I assume that salaried teachers are paid whether their school is open or closed. Maybe the schools would surprisingly remain open if all teachers only got paid for the days they turned up.

Stephen - a rufty tufty coach driver.
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