Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Passengers, customers or criminals?

The nationwide company has instructed every driver to make the following announcement along side all other safety announcements...

"As part of our ongoing commitment to ensure customer safety, where CCTV is in operation on our coaches it is for the prevention of crime and will be used as evidence, if required."

...Well, that was a surprise new instruction from the nationwide company. Why does the driver need to caution the passengers in this manner, so very similar to the Miranda warning across the pond? This is treating the passengers as criminals, it is not passenger friendly and is quite aggressive. I feel this warning is unnecessary, it is quite threatening and gives the wrong impression to passengers. This warning is needless because we should aim to grow the business rather than criminalize the passenger. It is pointless calling a passenger a customer, when really you are suspecting them of a crime. Changing the words from a passenger to a customer, does not avoid treating these people as potential criminals. All the good work that has gone on towards drivers being friendly has now been blown away by this instruction to warn the passengers about CCTV.

Will this CCTV evidence be used to enforce the wearing of seat belts by the passengers? Time will tell.
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