Friday, December 17, 2010

The surprise of snow appears rather local.

I woke up this morning to snow, here in Cardiff. I went to work at Treforest and did my regular duty and drove a coach to London. I wondered what the day would hold for me as Cardiff was covered in snow. When I got to Junction 24 of the M4 motorway, just east of Newport, the snow stopped and the fields became green rather than snowy white. It was green fields all the way to London and all the way back as far as Junction 24 at Coldra. Then it was like going into another world, the snowy world. What a difference in the weather in such a short distance. All the way from Newport to London was a clear and sunny winter's day. West of Newport it was snow everywhere and quite deep in places. The traffic in Cardiff ground to a halt making journeys very lengthy indeed. Eventually I got home and felt as though there were 2 parallel worlds, clear winter's day England and snowy Wales. People in London were shocked at the snow and people in Cardiff thought it was nationwide rather than a spot of local bother. Strange world and I wonder what the weather will throw at me tomorrow?

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