Wednesday, December 29, 2010

"There is no need to whine. Everyone must work,"

The weather has thawed here in the UK and things are getting back to normal. I am aware however that many, many workers are on extended holidays throughout the winter festival and will not be returning to work until Tuesday 4th January 2011. It is a bad show when workers abandon their jobs and the country grinds to a halt.

Things have been bad in Russia and Prime Minister Vladimir Putin has ordered officials to work over the New Year holiday so that Moscow's struggling airports get back to normal. Mr Putin castigated government officials at a televised meeting, pointing to transport chaos and power cuts triggered by icy weather. More than 8,000 people got stuck at Moscow's Domodedovo airport because they had not been warned, he said. Hundreds of flights were cancelled at Domodedovo and Sheremetyevo airports.

"There will be no holidays until a special order is given. Everyone must be at work," he told cabinet ministers and regional governors.

"There is no need to whine. Everyone must work," Mr Putin said on Wednesday.

That's the spirit Vladimir, tell all the workers to stop whining and get back to work. You have a country and airports to run, not a non-stop party venue. Things can be done when workers report for work and do not have that "it's pointless" attitude.
"Winter Festival"? Does this mean, Steve, that you are abandoning your Atheist stance instead choosing to observe the acient Pagan religion and celebrate Yule, the Germanic Pagan festival of the rebirth of the Sun.

Its good to see old traditions kept alive and I trust that you danced around a huge bonfire wearing white robes and horns on your head.

I must admit that does sound more fun then the tiresome works party. Might join you next year.

Thanks John, I confirm that I am still an Atheist. I do not need a calendar as an excuse to party. I have no intention of converting to any backward religion - pagan or people of the book. It is nice to have the longer daylight hours now that we have passed the winter solstice, I can drink to that! I did not dance around our garden naked this time though. I thought of you last Saturday as I enjoyed many, many a pint of your favourite tipple - Marston's Pedigree.

Best wishes for this new secular year.
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