Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The advantage of being a Womble

I annoy Gail by not throwing things away. Things that are replaced are sometimes not put out with the rubbish but are put away into the garage by Gail's Womble of a husband. If I think that something may have further use, then being a bit of a Womble I hide the item in the garage, which unlike the kitchen, is my domain.

So, we were both excited yesterday with the purchase of this new computer with a fast AMD Athlon II 170u processor . I moved our computer desk and unplugged everything from our old HP Pavilion. I plugged everything into place and switched the power back on. First was the monitor and on comes the light. Second was the computer system box and on comes the light. Third was the broadband router but no lights came on! No power or WAN or DSL lights came on our broadband router. Damn I thought, it was working fine with the HP Pavilion, all I have done was switched it off and on. That is very bad luck. I remembered when the old broadband router failed in February. That router had lights that appeared to show it was working but it was faulty inside and had to be replaced. This new router did not even have lights working on it to claim it was working, as though there may not be any power getting into it. Then I remembered that I had not thrown away the old broadband router but had "wombled" it away into my garage.

I got the old router out of the garage and tried the old transformer with our new router. Hey presto! I was awarded with a power on light and then a boot up sequence of WAN and DSL lights. We were back online with no purchase of a new router needed at PC World or similar. What a relief and a reward for being a Womble! I have never had a transformer fail before and thankfully both transformers and plugs looked the same.
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