Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Catching a cold.

It came as little surprise to me to read that...

When you catch the bus you are also at risk of catching a nasty bug that has come along for the ride.
Researchers found patients who had recently travelled by public transport were six times more likely to visit the doctor with an acute respiratory infection.
However, this did not hold true for those who used buses or trams every day - perhaps because they had built up immunity over time.

...I have worked on buses and coaches since 1978 and I do not suffer from colds. It has always amazed my wife Gail that I never seem to catch a cold but she picks up a cold at the drop of a hat. We believe this is because I have developed an immunity because of my work on buses and coaches. This is backed up by transport managers who warn new drivers coming into the industry, that they will suffer many colds within their first 3 months of employment but they will become immune after that. This is after all how the human immune system should work. So, forget all those magic potions, just have a sniff of the passenger next to you!
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