Sunday, January 02, 2011

Don't want to get up in the morning? Try the iSleep .

If the thought of getting up in the dark to go to work annoys you, why not set an alarm call on a flash Apple iPhone 4. Alarm calls failed to go off due to a problem with the popular gadget's clock. The glitch was experienced by people with the latest handset, the iPhone 4, as well as those who have downloaded the most up-to-date software.
As a result, users were left unable to clamber out of bed on New Year's Day – and not just because of the effects of the night before. Alarms also failed to go off on Sunday, frustrating people planning shopping trips and visits to family. Apple has been forced to issue a statement admitting the problem on their handsets, and promising it will be resolved soon.

My mate Matthew has one of these flashy iPhones and he regularly starts work at around 04.40 - I hope his alarm did not fail resulting in many angry passengers awaiting his rather late arrival into Cardiff Central Station. Matthew pokes fun at my rather old model Nokia 3410 which is my mobile telephone of choice. This trusty mobile telephone does all I want it to do, I can talk, I can send text messages and it has an alarm clock that wakes me up in Bradford. Matthew laughed his socks off when he caught sight of my mobile technology and said I should invest in a modern smartphone! No thank you Matthew. Of course I am a very rich man and I possess another mobile telephone. This is a later model Nokia, that I use purely as an alarm clock at home here in Cardiff. It is bigger than my Nokia 3410, which is small and handy for my platform coat pocket. This larger high technology mobile telephone was introduced in 2002 and I am a proud owner of this tried and tested Nokia 3510 . Do I want to upgrade to an iSleep? No thank you, I will keep what I have got and report to my depot on time!
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