Friday, January 21, 2011

How to dress the right way.

It amazes me the number of men you see wandering around with ill fitting trousers. You know the sort, crotch hanging down towards their knees and their knickers showing at the back. We know they have bought a size too big and need to employ a belt. But no, they think they are cool and insist on wandering around like a plonker. What can you say to these men? I was at a loss until I read this gem on Facebook by a friend called Colin...

The next time you see people with their pants riding low, congratulate them on their weight loss!!!
The craze originated from the USA (where else) apparently from the poorer areas of big cities like New York and is connected to the gang culture. Money is too tight for new clothes (because they've spent it all on bling and Mac 10s)so the younger brothers wear their older big bother's cast off. The bigger the pair of jeans means a bigger and therefore scarier bother who will come and beat up smaller people, like all "brave???" drug dealing scum do.


There is another a "done time inside" theme and ill fitting prison clothes link. All pretty pathetic really
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